The Ease to Going Custom

This is how we do it! And by “it” I mean custom dress shirts of course!

There are so many people in this world of all shapes and sizes. Yet people choose to shop based on a standard? Does this make sense to you?! It doesn’t for me. Instead, I believe in making sure I have a shirt that fits my shoulders, my chest, my oh so muscular of arms, my six pack, and my collar! Not to mention all the proper lengths! So why do other people not feel the same way?

Well I’ve come to the conclusion that they simply just do not know; they are unaware.  Custom dress shirts do not need to be expensive or come from the world’s top brands.  They just need to be good quality and fit you properly. Thankfully, we have the internet! And on this magical web, you can find numerous places to buy custom designer dress shirts for cheap prices.

Too often to I see my fellow man struggling through life as only an adequately dressed man. Does he not know the importance, yet simplicity of wearing a custom made dress shirt? Goodness gracious, the calamity!! I want to share my knowledge, impart my wisdom, help the helpless!!

Look into finding a shirt company online that has all the options you want, send in your measurements, and boom! Problem solved.


Parts of a Good Dress Shirt that You Probably Didn’t Know


A lot of men wear dress shirts all the time without even knowing the parts that make them.

The collar: the collar is the upper part of a shirt, it is usually sharp with a quite symmetrical curvature.

The yoke: this part is located on the back side the shirt, below the collar, sometimes it comes in split form which is said to be the best for comfort and stretching.

The sleeves: these are the left and right sides that go around the arms, they usually come matching the pattern of the front side of the shirt.
The cuffs: these are the parts that go around the wrists, they are quite thick and have a small button securing them.
The sleeve plackets: these the parts that come in between the sleeves, they allow the sleeves to be rolled up for extra comfort and breathing.

These are some of the most important parts of a shirt that can help determine the quality of a custom dress shirt. All one has to look for is how well stitched these parts are along the edges. This site: can help you achieve the easy way.




The origin of shirts

When it comes to shirts, it is like another layer skin of men. Shirts being consider as important as that for a reason, because the truth is, if we look back to the history of shirts, we will find out that, at the early Roman Empire era “Kula”, to put it bluntly, was a man wearing lingerie or shirts as the predecessor of shirts nowadays. When Europe first showed up the dress shirt style continued being dressed today,As the importance of social etiquette as European, it is impossible to wear shirts out alone. As you watch the early European and American black and white film, the actor took off his suit jacket and close-fitting suit, vest, leaving only a white shirt, and that was the conservative social mores and teasing sexy show.
Shirt style in ancient on has many species style changes, such as in buttons also haven’t been used, men shirt of closure that is with rope be Department knot of, and also of method also application in cuffs, too. so then person who focused on wearing clothing in style, will try to make the knot cuffs showed, that’s probably why men tend to show up their shirts’ cuff outside of their suit.
Shirts in different colors, styles, patterns, express men fashion quality, at the same time, these styles of shirts in the match but has played no small role in man dressed in a shirt, gave mature and charm look, and demonstrate his attitude towards other things. 
Bespoke shirts, on the other hand, is the ultimate ways for men to be stylish.

The story of Windsor Knot that you may not know

Among different ways to tie a tie, there are two most outstanding knots. “The double Windsor knot” and “Windsor collar” are two knots that related to Duke of Windsor, who has once been a King of United Kingdom for a very short period. The Duke’s abdication for love and his far-reaching effects on the menswear fashion can not be ignored.

Pierre Cardin once said: “this century (20th century), in the area of men’s fashion, there is only one true important man, he is the Duke of Windsor. ”

Double Windsor knot is a symmetrical shapes, large in size, tie the knot, named for its favorite wearer- the Duke of Windsor, and the public acceptance of their style is clearly far better than tie the legend actually invented – the Duke’s father, King George v.


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